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When you take a moment to think about the life you’ve built and the properties and people you wish to protect, think no further than P&G Insurance. We value your hard work in building and maintaining your property, home and business, and are here to help you safeguard them for the long term.

Know this: P&G Insurance is an independent insurance brokerage firm. This means we work for you and for your benefit alone. We shop the marketplace on your behalf to ensure you obtain the broadest insurance coverage possible while maintaining the lowest premium costs. Our insurance specialists work with you on an individual and personal level, building customized solutions uniquely tailored to your needs. Couple that with helpful and honest service, and you soon realize that P&G Insurance has got all the bases covered.

Our commitment to providing you with reliable risk-management solutions is further evident in our promise to only represent companies that consistently earning A+ ratings on the A.M. Best reports.

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P&G Insurance Brokers.
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Founded by our company president, Barry Perlstein, in 1992, P&G began conducting business as a humble firm offering personal and commercial insurance lines to the businesspeople of Brooklyn, New York. Over the course of the ensuing two decades.

P&G Insurance Brokers worked hard to build its stellar reputation for offering reliable service, honest-to-goodness advice, and customized coverage plans. We are now one of the Northeast’s largest independent agencies provider of quality protection to thousands of individuals, families and businesses throughout the tri-state area and beyond.

P&G Insurance Brokers Offers Coverage Solutions for:

  • Commercial
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Distributors &
  • Construction
  • Worker’s Comp
  • Ocean and Inland Marine
  • Cargo
  • Surety bonds
  • Automobile
  • Homeowners
  • and more...

We proudly attribute our success to the unwavering dedication we award our clients’ needs. To take the mystery out of the insurance-buying process, P&G professionals invest the time necessary to understand each client’s portfolio setup. This allows us to help them determine what it is they truly need and what would be considered a needless addition. It is this professionalism and honesty of judgment that causes clients to gravitate towards our company for all their insurance needs.

With each client, P&G seeks out the particular insurance carrier that would offer the best value while supplying a superior standard of protection. In addition to offering world-class protection for your auto, home, health and business, P&G also boasts a suite of risk-management services that serve to advise our clients in the prevention of risk-related incidents. The client benefit? It enables them to reduce premium costs, correct potential hazards, and spend more time running their business uninterrupted.

In the event of accident or hurt, the P&G claims department specialists step onto the scene to support the client every step of the way. Trying times like these may be hard to work through, and we accompany the claimant throughout the entire claims process from beginning to end.

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The services we offer

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  • Healthcare Back to Services


    P&G Insurance Brokerage is the preferred insurance and risk management firm of countless assisted-living facilities (ALF), nursing homes and other healthcare-related agencies. Operators of professional-service businesses rely on the knowledge and expertise of our healthcare division to manage the complex, delicate challenges inherent to today’s healthcare industry. Examples of how we direct our clients towards winning coverage solutions include swift handling of day-to-day challenges, staying ahead of the competition, and timely, aggressive claims management.

    • Long-Term & Short-Term Care Facilities
    • Home Healthcare Agencies
    • Nursing Homes
    • Staffing Agencies
    • Medical Transportation Services
    • Assisted-Living Facilities
    • Hospitals
    • Social Services
  • Retail Back to Services


    The P&G brokerage agency proudly protects
    retail businesses of any size all across the U.S.

    Why do retail stores need insurance?
    As the retail industry is the second largest in the U.S. with over $4.5 trillion in annual sales, retail is responsible for approximately 11.5% of all U.S. employment. Understandably, the risk of lawsuits and the like grows in turn with the size of the industry. In addition, retail typically entails customers walking into a physical location, which carries potential risks like unfortunate falls, accidents or theft. It is imperative for shop owners to protect their business with retail store insurance.
    Which insurance policies does a retail shop need?
    A typical retail store might need some of these insurance coverage plans:
    Commercial General Liability Insurance (a.k.a. CGL or Business Liability)

    is a must-have for businesses of all sizes. This protects the retail business against lawsuits and liability claims for negligence, losses or injuries caused by the carelessness of a company or its employees.

    • It is important to understand that this liability insurance only protects injured third parties and their properties that are damaged on your property.Business owners and employees will not be covered.
    Workers' Compensation Insurance
    is required in every state. This coverage essentially protects employees that may be injured on the job.
    Business Auto Insurance (a.k.a. Commercial Vehicle Insurance)
    is specifically designed for commercial vehicles used by businesses as part of their daily operations, e.g. order delivery vehicles, service installation vehicles, etc. This covers liability and may or may not cover comp and collision.
    Property Insurance
    will cover property owned by the business owner, as well as contents kept on premises such as inventory. Coverage of a retail business’ property will include losses suffered from fire, water, theft or most any other form of harm.
    Crime Insurance
    covers theft of business property incurred on the premises or under the care and custody of an employee, messenger or watchperson.
    Business Interruption Insurance

    will reimburse a business for loss of income after sustaining a covered incident – such as fire –that causes the business to close for renovations. This insurance will reimburse the full net profit the business would have earned during that timeframe.

    For small retail businesses, a comprehensive Business Owner’s Policy may be the best option as it includes all or most of these coverage particulars. Larger or chain retailers would need to obtain a commercial package policy, wherein our insurance broker can customize a combination of all insurances needed for the company’s particular setup.

  • Real Estate Back to Services

    Real Estate

    P&G is aptly equipped to offer insurance
    for various types of properties:

    We have a track record of successfully procuring personalized homeowner insurance for everything from standard apartments to seasonal vacation homesto truly high-end estates.

    Commercial Office Spaces
    From large corporate accounts to humble company operations, we can provide coverage for your every need. We even customize policies for mixed-use properties that share retail and residential use.

  • Construction Back to Services


    P&G specializes in arranging insurance programs for contractors. We maintain a full-fledged Construction Division that consists of underwriters, account managers and loss prevention specialists, all specifically trained in the unique needs of the building and development industries.

    • Clients Served:
    • Large General Contractors
    • Artisan/Trade Contractors
    • Residential Home Builders
    • Paper General Contractors
    • Construction Managers
    • Environmental Contractors
    • Architects & Engineers
    • Coverage Options:
    • General Liability
    • Products/Completed Operations
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Builder’s Risk
    • Equipment & Tool Floaters
    • Railroad Protective Liability
    • Real & Personal Property
    • Owners & Contractors Protective Liability
    • Surety Bonds
    • Pollution Liability
    • Available Services:
    • Contract Reviews including Hold Harmless/Indemnification Language
    • Job Specifications Review
    • Certificates of Insurance Preparation
    • Premium Audit Analysis
    • Risk Management
    • Full Coverage for NY Labor Law Exposures

    Our team regularly reviews job specifications and contractual requirements for our contracting clients. These include contractors, developers, property owners and managers. We assist them in contract compliance and preparation of insurance certificates to meet every job’s unique circumstances.

  • Manufacturers
    Back to Services

    Manufacturers/ Warehouses

    Whether you specialize in import or export, manufacture or distribution, be smart and prudent in protecting your property and avoiding financial disruptions. All venues that deal with storage and quantities of goods are exposed to various potential risks such as fire, flood, extreme weather, theft, etc.

    • Is your inventory – both in stock and in transit – adequately covered?
    • What if your supplier suffers an incident? Perhaps you need Contingent Business Insurance.
    • Do you need advice to assess and troubleshoot known insurance risks at your facility?

    We understand the potential pitfalls present in your industry as well as the unique circumstances that a business like yours faces on a daily basis. Our agents can work with you to create a customized and comprehensive insurance plan in step with your coverage needs and budgetary perimeters.

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